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Welcome to Café Lopez’s very first “In the Biz.” Every Wednesday, we’re going to feature someone new to get a fresh perspective on writing by way of five direct questions relating to the business. Today, we’ll be interviewing Suzanne H. Patton. When I first met Suzanne here at the Café, I was immediately impressed with her passionate, articulate, and thought-provoking responses to previous posts. Imagine my surprise when I discovered she’s only 19! The surprises didn’t end there. Suzanne is also a moderator at the Young Writers Society, part of the writing duo at Two Swords, One Pen, and is embarking on an exciting quest to write a novel on a typewriter in her newest blog, The Ink Ribbon Writer. If anyone can be said to embody youthful exuberance, it’s her. Now on to the interview! (more…)


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A couple of years ago, I did some free-lance work for a design company. Basic advertorial stuff. It paid well at the cost of being tortuously dull. As I was getting the details for the assignment, I somehow got sucked into a corporate brainstorming session for an unrelated project. To this day, my inner muse still resents the awkward, forced, and unnatural shenanigans that ensued.

The concept: come up with a T-Shirt friendly snappy catch phrase for a corporate sponsored outing.

The execution: Do so in one hour. In front of the boss. In stream of consciousness…No pressure. (more…)

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