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Welcome to Café Lopez’s very first “In the Biz.” Every Wednesday, we’re going to feature someone new to get a fresh perspective on writing by way of five direct questions relating to the business. Today, we’ll be interviewing Suzanne H. Patton. When I first met Suzanne here at the Café, I was immediately impressed with her passionate, articulate, and thought-provoking responses to previous posts. Imagine my surprise when I discovered she’s only 19! The surprises didn’t end there. Suzanne is also a moderator at the Young Writers Society, part of the writing duo at Two Swords, One Pen, and is embarking on an exciting quest to write a novel on a typewriter in her newest blog, The Ink Ribbon Writer. If anyone can be said to embody youthful exuberance, it’s her. Now on to the interview! (more…)


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For those of you unfamiliar with Cafe Lopez, every Wednesday I release another part of my upcoming book, The Dead Don’t Cry, as part of the promotion leading to its debut. Divided into sections, these bits will ultimately make up Part I of III. I’m (mostly) done editing, but should you notice something glaring, please share, otherwise I’m not looking for you to edit so much as I’m hoping to generate a response (ie this sucks/not bad/when can I buy a copy???) What’s the book about? Here’s the (ever changing) hook:

“Worlds collide when an extraordinary girl discovers an ancient wilderness embroiled in a life or death struggle against a legacy of tyranny.”

This Friday (and every one thereafter) I will continue to write about the Publishing Industry with my next article, Are You a Vanity Author, or an Enterprise Author? If my science fiction can’t hold you over until then, I encourage you to check out my extensive archives (it should only take you a minute, I promise). And now, without further interruption, TDDC:

Last week, on The Dead Don’t Cry, Lucy discovered a secret hidden aboard her father’s ship. This week, we join Jack and Shane as they meet the dreaded HyKin face to face. As always, enjoy!

The Dead Don’t Cry: “Connected by Blood”

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