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I haven’t been devoting much time to the blog lately due to the final developmental stages on the book. But this I had to share:

Dear Mark,

Thank you for your query, and I apologize for the delay in response.  I have reviewed the work, and decided to pass at this time.  I wish you the best of luck, and success in the publishing world. (more…)


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“Vanity, definitely my favorite sin.”

For those of you unfamiliar with the above quote, it’s the last line to a film I remember enjoying very much, The Devil’s Advocate. Al Pacino plays John Milton, a physical manifestation of Satan, and the line refers specifically to vanity’s inherent potential for exploitation. Unfortunately, this applies not just to lawyers (as was the case in the film), but to writers alike, or more to the point, vanity authors. Er, wait, I meant enterprise authors. OK, which one is it? (more…)

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I have a problem. I can’t stop editing my book.

“You’re afraid to let go…to be judged…to take a risk.”

There’s truth to all of that – but the issue isn’t my obsession (and it is an obsession), it’s admitting that I have a problem. As of this writing, two people have read my book. Under the explicit warning that any and all criticism withheld would only be to my extreme detriment, they both loved it. Yet I continue to edit. Why? (more…)

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