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Last night I had my surrogate mom (my best friend’s mom…mine passed away years ago…sigh), her mother, and her brother over for dinner (wife’s birthday, Happy Birthday J-Lo!). What started as some simple mass cooking in the morning to carry us through the day quickly turned into my very own little proving grounds (grandma is a notoriously tough critic). With their being Irish and all, I decided on deep fried meat stuffed pastries (empanadas), spanish rice (a reliable hit), and what I like to call “sun-chips,” fried plantains, a potato-like banana sliced and flattened into chips. Grandma enjoyed everything very much, especially the empanadas, but described the chips as bizarre. Not satisfied, I decided to finish the night with a bang: home-made apple pancakes with hot-off-the oven candied raisin/apple/walnut syrup topped with a generous a dollop of freshly whipped cream. Verdict?


I took a risk with a tough critic and knocked it out of the park. Woot.

The Dead Don’t Cry is my literary risk. It’s my four year home-made pancake, and I want the toughest critics to give it a taste. Does the time spent on it validate anything? No, because if I really spent that much time cooking a pancake, I’d end up with a charred, disgusting mess. But I believe the passion counts for something. So here’s hoping I find some book starved grandmas out there!

PS. I really should start photographing my culinary concoctions…the attached pic does not do dessert justice.


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Inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of places. Consider this week’s “In the Biz.” As I was visiting one of a handful of my regular internet stops, I came across a Q & A with none other than Sylvester Stallone, the star and director of the upcoming film The Expendables. I’m a big fan of his, and not just because he’s an action icon. The man is brilliant. Don’t believe me? Listen to the director’s commentary included in the DVD to his latest Rocky film, Rocky Balboa. The man is passionate about filmmaking, and it goes without saying that we might just learn a thing or two from someone as passionate as him. So – on with the interview! I’ve taken some of his more pertinent responses and matched them with paraphrased questions, but the original interview in its entirety can be seen here. Enjoy! (more…)

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Welcome to Café Lopez’s very first “In the Biz.” Every Wednesday, we’re going to feature someone new to get a fresh perspective on writing by way of five direct questions relating to the business. Today, we’ll be interviewing Suzanne H. Patton. When I first met Suzanne here at the Café, I was immediately impressed with her passionate, articulate, and thought-provoking responses to previous posts. Imagine my surprise when I discovered she’s only 19! The surprises didn’t end there. Suzanne is also a moderator at the Young Writers Society, part of the writing duo at Two Swords, One Pen, and is embarking on an exciting quest to write a novel on a typewriter in her newest blog, The Ink Ribbon Writer. If anyone can be said to embody youthful exuberance, it’s her. Now on to the interview! (more…)

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I have a problem. I can’t stop editing my book.

“You’re afraid to let go…to be judged…to take a risk.”

There’s truth to all of that – but the issue isn’t my obsession (and it is an obsession), it’s admitting that I have a problem. As of this writing, two people have read my book. Under the explicit warning that any and all criticism withheld would only be to my extreme detriment, they both loved it. Yet I continue to edit. Why? (more…)

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