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Two nights ago my good friend and I spent some time working on the new cover to The Dead Don’t Cry. After several hours, we came up with two covers: the first was generic but typical for the genre, while the second presented a more literary aesthetic (or trashy romance, if you were to ask the bartender who served us later on that night). Neither blew our mind, although the more we looked at the sleazy romance cover, the more we rationalized it working. That was until my girlfriend came home.

Can you try blending the roots with the artwork?” she asked, innocently.

And just like that, she jump-started a burst of creativity that lead to our best book-cover yet. Let this story serve as a warning to all you writers out there: if you’re not jumping for joy over your book cover, let alone the content of your book, don’t stop tweaking until you are. It’s dangerously easy to give the green-light to mediocrity, especially when you’ve been burning the candle. If in doubt, send it over and we’ll check it out (gladly, I might add). And that reminds me (don’t ask me how). I have an idea for a new column, but I need your input/contributions for it to work. Check it out:

As in all Cafés, people do more than read while visiting Café Lopez. They also like to eavesdrop. That’s why we would like to feature a new column dedicated to the idea of listening in on other people’s conversations. Have you recently had a debate/discussion (over AIM, Google Chat, etc, related to writing of course) that others might benefit from reading? Send it over to Cafe Lopez and we’ll post it for review.  I have one terrific conversation ready to go—I just need a few more to get it started. So, what are you waiting for? Submit!



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I haven’t been devoting much time to the blog lately due to the final developmental stages on the book. But this I had to share:

Dear Mark,

Thank you for your query, and I apologize for the delay in response.  I have reviewed the work, and decided to pass at this time.  I wish you the best of luck, and success in the publishing world. (more…)

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Of all the arguments in defense of e-publishing, there’s one that’s been tossed about rather flippantly, namely that E-books are eco-friendly. It’s almost always mentioned as an aside, and so I’m not altogether surprised that I’ve only now caught wind of what is a shockingly offensive aspect to ‘traditional publishing.’ What does surprise me, however, is just how well this secret has been kept. (more…)

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I have this number in my head that keeps going up. Three more edits… five… seven. This after reading my book for the umpteenth time, and after having beta readers edit it for me. It makes me wonder how the hell books ever manage to get published in the first place. I imagine some grammar robots spinning through the book the way Christopher Reeve did as Superman (what was he reading?), catching mistakes that somehow always sneak past me. It makes me wonder what happens to our brains when we write that allows for such complete and utter negligence. Does being in the zone suck up so much focus that grammar falls by the wayside? (more…)

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A couple of years ago, I did some free-lance work for a design company. Basic advertorial stuff. It paid well at the cost of being tortuously dull. As I was getting the details for the assignment, I somehow got sucked into a corporate brainstorming session for an unrelated project. To this day, my inner muse still resents the awkward, forced, and unnatural shenanigans that ensued.

The concept: come up with a T-Shirt friendly snappy catch phrase for a corporate sponsored outing.

The execution: Do so in one hour. In front of the boss. In stream of consciousness…No pressure. (more…)

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