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I have this number in my head that keeps going up. Three more edits… five… seven. This after reading my book for the umpteenth time, and after having beta readers edit it for me. It makes me wonder how the hell books ever manage to get published in the first place. I imagine some grammar robots spinning through the book the way Christopher Reeve did as Superman (what was he reading?), catching mistakes that somehow always sneak past me. It makes me wonder what happens to our brains when we write that allows for such complete and utter negligence. Does being in the zone suck up so much focus that grammar falls by the wayside? (more…)


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I have a problem. I can’t stop editing my book.

“You’re afraid to let go…to be judged…to take a risk.”

There’s truth to all of that – but the issue isn’t my obsession (and it is an obsession), it’s admitting that I have a problem. As of this writing, two people have read my book. Under the explicit warning that any and all criticism withheld would only be to my extreme detriment, they both loved it. Yet I continue to edit. Why? (more…)

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