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The last few days have been exceptionally kind to me. Between having a picnic in the rain (under a gazebo), watching movies together (It’s Complicated, Ponyo, Shutter Island, MI:III), taking the kids to a carnival, and hosting a dinner for Papa Lopez, I truly couldn’t be happier sitting here and munching over another superb Monday morning breakfast (bagels today…mmm). No better way to write a blog.

I just read an interview with director Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight, Insomnia). I regard him as a master story teller, even if I occasionally disagree with his directorial choices (Christian Bale’s incomprehensibly ‘realistic’ take on Batman’s voice, for example). In this particular article, he talks about his work with Leonardo DiCaprio in their latest collaboration, “Inception,” and how “[he] spent months with DiCaprio to find emotional logic for every moment and every decision in the story.”

Emotional logic. Every writer should fuse this concept into her subconscious. (more…)


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My girlfriend makes the absolute best bacon and eggs. Crusty, amazingly soft Tuscan bread slathered in butter, moist yet crisp, hickory smoked bacon, and slowly scrambled eggs infused with complimentary notes of garlic, pepper, the wonderful creaminess of my dear friend, milk, and extra bits of  bacon thrown in for good measure. Top it all off with tea (milk and sugar), and you have the kind of morning that I could happily wake up to for the rest of my life. So, I have to ask – will anyone ever find my writing nearly as satisfying? (more…)

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