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I’m new to the internet game, at least insofar as it comes to writing. Several months ago, I read that an author needs to build a platform if he wants to be taken seriously – so I set about doing just that. It’s been a great ride, and I’ve met some wonderful people along the way, but there are some things about this game that concern me. Participating in blogs, Twitter, Facebook, forums, NaNoWriMo, or any of the gamut of writing outlets, despite the benefits, comes with some serious risks. Here are four of them: (more…)


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The last week has been a busy one. I’m officially hands off editing The Dead Don’t Cry, with the exception of edits suggested by my beta readers, Suzanne from her excellent new blog, Two Words One Pen, and my old man, Papa Lopez (who is exceptionally talented at finding grammatical errors). TDDC excerpts will be discontinued, however, Part I in its entirety is available here. Due to the workload, I will be foregoing today’s usual post, with a regular week (Monday/Friday posts) next week, as well as something special planned for Wednesdays, should it pan out. Until then, Happy Blogging everyone!

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I remember when I first got an Ipod. I was a couple of years late in the game, which meant I had benefited from a slicker, fancier model than the first generation mp3 players. I enjoyed the device – it was trendy, practical, and well, cool – for all of about two weeks. The sad truth is that I’m woefully lacking when it comes to musical savviness, my familiarity being limited to The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Phillip Glass, with a nostalgic affinity for 90’s alternative rock. That’s it. Hardly enough to capitalize on a device designed to hold, manage, and ultimately glorify a love for music. Well, readers, guess what? Our Ipod has come, and no, it isn’t the Ipad. (more…)

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“Vanity, definitely my favorite sin.”

For those of you unfamiliar with the above quote, it’s the last line to a film I remember enjoying very much, The Devil’s Advocate. Al Pacino plays John Milton, a physical manifestation of Satan, and the line refers specifically to vanity’s inherent potential for exploitation. Unfortunately, this applies not just to lawyers (as was the case in the film), but to writers alike, or more to the point, vanity authors. Er, wait, I meant enterprise authors. OK, which one is it? (more…)

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For those of you unfamiliar with Cafe Lopez, every Wednesday I release another part of my upcoming book, The Dead Don’t Cry, as part of the promotion leading to its debut. Divided into sections, these bits will ultimately make up Part I of III. I’m (mostly) done editing, but should you notice something glaring, please share, otherwise I’m not looking for you to edit so much as I’m hoping to generate a response (ie this sucks/not bad/when can I buy a copy???) What’s the book about? Here’s the (ever changing) hook:

“Worlds collide when an extraordinary girl discovers an ancient wilderness embroiled in a life or death struggle against a legacy of tyranny.”

This Friday (and every one thereafter) I will continue to write about the Publishing Industry with my next article, Are You a Vanity Author, or an Enterprise Author? If my science fiction can’t hold you over until then, I encourage you to check out my extensive archives (it should only take you a minute, I promise). And now, without further interruption, TDDC:

Last week, on The Dead Don’t Cry, Lucy discovered a secret hidden aboard her father’s ship. This week, we join Jack and Shane as they meet the dreaded HyKin face to face. As always, enjoy!

The Dead Don’t Cry: “Connected by Blood”

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The last few days have been exceptionally kind to me. Between having a picnic in the rain (under a gazebo), watching movies together (It’s Complicated, Ponyo, Shutter Island, MI:III), taking the kids to a carnival, and hosting a dinner for Papa Lopez, I truly couldn’t be happier sitting here and munching over another superb Monday morning breakfast (bagels today…mmm). No better way to write a blog.

I just read an interview with director Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight, Insomnia). I regard him as a master story teller, even if I occasionally disagree with his directorial choices (Christian Bale’s incomprehensibly ‘realistic’ take on Batman’s voice, for example). In this particular article, he talks about his work with Leonardo DiCaprio in their latest collaboration, “Inception,” and how “[he] spent months with DiCaprio to find emotional logic for every moment and every decision in the story.”

Emotional logic. Every writer should fuse this concept into her subconscious. (more…)

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There is something happening in the publishing industry right now. Something seismic. Regular men and women – children even! – are beginning to self-publish. The internet has given them the keys to a once gated empire – and the gatekeepers are not happy. There is a system in place for writers, a proven process that filters “the talentless hacks” from the Stephen Kings, JK Rowlings, and Stephanie Meyers of the world. And by sidestepping it, so-called ‘vanity’ authors are essentially flooding the market with a deluge of sub par fiction and nonfiction alike.  This attitude has created an enormous tide of hostility towards would be authors, but like all anger, it is rooted in fear, a fear which has absolutely no basis in merit whatsoever. (more…)

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